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Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort is an intimate family owned and operated resort located in the middle of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. Guest will find themselves exploring the beautiful wilderness either on land, on water, or by flying through the air in a helicopter. Nimmo Bay offers their guests an endless array of activity options including (but not exclusively) Scuba diving, Bear Watching, Fishing, Hiking, Glacier Tours, Beach Combing, Heli-Hiking, Heli-Fishing, Whale Watching, Old growth Forest Tours, Cultural Experiences, Kayaking. Guests stay in their own private intertidal cabins, feast on fresh coastal cuisine, and relax in the cedar hot tubs while listening to the sounds of the water crashing down from our onsite five thousand foot waterfall.

Nimmo Bay offers couples, families, friends and small groups the opportunity to unplug, relax and slow down to the rhythms of nature. Guests enjoy an active yet peaceful stay in the remote wilderness without having to give up any of the comforts of home.

From $1,395 USD per person


Arrival Day

3:45 pm – Arrive at the Vancouver South Terminal Airport and check in at the Pacific Coastal Airlines desk where you will be met by one of their agents.

4:45 pm – Depart from the Vancouver South Terminal Airport with Pacific Coastal Airlines

5:50 pm – Arrive at the Port Hardy Airport where you will be greeted by our Nimmo Bay helicopter pilots and flown into Nimmo Bay Resort, 20-minute helicopter flight.

6:10 pm – Arrive at Nimmo Bay Resort. Take some time to relax, unpack and settle into your cabin.

7:00 pm – Hors d?oeuvres and beverages are served on our deck side lounge and floating lodge. A gourmet 3-course coastal feast and house made decadent dessert is soon to follow. After dinner, enjoy a waterfall hot tub, a billiards game, a massage or relax around our floating moonlit fire pit.

As our packages are bespoke there are many options every day, out lined below. Once you get the opportunity to take a look at these options we can begin to iron out a more solid plan that suites the needs of your guests as well as the objectives of the trip.

Every morning would start something like this…

7:00 am – Begin the day with a morning activity from the lodge.

  1. A light hike in the Great Bear Rain Forest.
  2. A misty morning kayak to see the bears.
  3. A vigorous morning yoga to awaken the body.
  4. A fly-fishing lesson off the dock.
  5. A wildlife focused boat ride in our small skiff.
  6. Enjoy a Relaxing morning hot tub and balancing out door rain shower.
  7. Sleep in and let the aromas of homemade cinnamon buns and organic Fernwood coffee awake you.

8:30 am – Three-course breakfast is served in our floating lodge complete with a freshly squeezed juice bar, healthy smoothies, and infused waters.

9:30 am – Gear up for a fabulous day!

Day One: Oceans, Humpbacks, Orcas, Black Bears.

10:00 am – Head out in the boat and sight see through the Broughton Archipelago as you boat out to the mouth of Wells Passage. Keep your eyes peeled for Black Bears. Our guides are experts in this wilderness area and seasoned professionals who can tell you about anything that moves and lots that do not.

10:45 am – Once out in the passage watch as the Orca and Humpback whales feed on a huge herring ball, the Eagles are never too far away, watch them dive and fish for the herring as well. Swing by Fife Sound and watch as the magnificent sea lions lay out in the sun.

Whenever Hungry– Head back into the archipelago and find yourself on a tiny island, relax as a gourmet lunch picnic is laid out before you, complete with wine, beer, and assorted beverages. Everything is made fresh from our Nimmo Bay kitchen and served to you as you gaze upon the vast ocean waves.

Mid-Afternoon– Jump back onto the Boat and continue to take in the wildlife in the area. Visit a magnificent waterfall and marvel as a school of white sided Dolphins play in the bay.

Whenever ready- Begin to head back to the Resort.

Day Two and Three: Diving, Rapids, Reefs.

We have so many amazing spots to dive in the area, we would, of course, pick the best spots for each day, here is a sample of what a diving day would look like.

10:00 am – Climb aboard the fully enclosed Naiad Explorer, a 60ft rigid hull open ocean boat. Begin to weave your way through the inlets, islands and passes out to the open ocean. The shores of the inlets, islands, and passes are favorite spots for the black bears of the area. They can often be spotted turning over rocks in search of muscles.

10:30 am-Prepare for your first Dive of the Day at Roaring Hole Rapids. Marvel as you take in a bank full of sea enemies, sea cucumbers, and the varied snappers, cod, and salmon are known to frequent this rich food.

Whenever finished-climb aboard and enjoy a picnic as you cruise to your next location.

1 Hour Later – Arrive at Tremble Island, some of the fastest tides in the world, Nakwakto Rapids. Watch as the tide rushes and whirlpools as it drains out of Seymour Inlet. Ride up and down the 30ft standing wave. Prepare for your second Dive of the day. Be awestruck by the force of the tides and the grip of the sea-vegetation in this area. The oxygen rich water supports the richest ecosystem in the area.

Whenever finished – Head away from Tremble Island on your way back to Nimmo Bay. Keep your eyes peeled for larger sea life such as: Whales, Seals, Seal Lions, Dolphins. If you spot some be prepared to jump in the water and join them in their underwater world.

Early Evening – Begin to make your way back to Nimmo Bay, choosing as you wish to bear watch or whale watch long the way.

Every Evening would look something like this…

Upon your return to the resort, choose from the many options below:

  1. Indulge in a massage and hot tub at the bottom of the cascading waterfall then take a dip in the refreshing waterfall plunge pool.
  2. Head out for a sea kayak, surf bike.
  3. Hatch up a magnificent photo op and use our staff to make it happen.
  4. Head out in our fully enclosed 38ft aluminum hull boat for an evening cruise.
  5. Enjoy games in the billiards room.
  6. Rest in your cabin, enjoy the sounds of the surrounding wildlife.
  7. Ease into a Restorative Yoga Class to stretch out muscles and balance the mind.

7:00 pm – Cocktails are served on our floating fire deck followed by a coastal appetizer and four-course gourmet dinner and mouth watering, in-house-made dessert. All bread and pastries are made fresh in our in house bakery.

9:30 pm – Return to the floating fire dock to relax beneath the stars that you have never seen shine so bright. Enjoy an after dinner drink while you are serenaded by that evening’s musical offering. This is not your typical campfire sing-a-long. You may also enjoy an evening kayak to see the glowing phosphorescence light up the pitch black night, take another waterfall hot tub, or retire to your own personal intertidal chalet for the best sleep you’ve had in your life.

Departure Day

Day Four: Glaciers, Grizzlies, Salmon, Rivers, and Alpine.

9:30 am – Climb into the Helicopters and head out for the day. Jump over the mountains that line the coast and find yourselves at the mouths of rivers. Here you will have the opportunity to see the Grizzlies as they feed on the salmon who are just entering the streams to spawn. The Helicopters are such an incredible tool as you can usually spot the Grizzlies from the air.

Whenever ready for a change in scenery – Jump back in the helicopters and fly above the alpine to look for Grizzlies as they feed on the shoots and berries. Hike around the ridges while you see wild orchids, wild blueberries, heather, maybe even spy a mountain goat.

1:00 pm (whenever hungry) – Choose a beautiful location for a picnic. Fly to the top of a 10,000-year-old glacier, have a scotch with glacier ice. Enjoy a beautiful picnic while taking in the spectacular panoramic view scape.

2:30 pm – Take in some beautiful waterfalls as the Helicopters bring you into other known Grizzly spots. Marvel at the beauty of the British Columbian coast line, the incredible instincts of the salmon and the power of the Grizzly.

3:00 pm – Arrive back at the Nimmo Bay and Prepare for your departure from the Resort around 4:00 pm.






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