Cocos Island



Cocos Island, a place of fascinating natural beauty, been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This island is one of the last wild places on earth. Many divers consider this amazing island to be one of the most outstanding dive locations in the world.

At Cocos Island, you will see hammerhead sharks, tuna, jacks, snappers, white tip sharks, manta rays, marlins, dolphins, goatfish, groupers and occasionally even whale sharks and humpback whales. Join us on one of our adventures to this unique and spectacular destination.

From $4,645 USD per person


DAY 1: The following day, generally between 8 AM and 1 PM we pick up from certain hotels and transfer everybody by bus to Puntarenas where you will board the vessel. The drive takes about 2 1/2 hours and gives you a chance to view the lush forest and rich farmland of the region.

Due to occasional low tides, our boats may need to depart from the pier earlier in the day. Should this occur, you will be transferred by skiff to the vessel. When all passengers have arrived on board, the vessel will take a 32-36 hour cruise out to Cocos Island.

DAY 2: A travel day. There will be time to arrange dive and camera gear as well as enjoy the Pacific and the sunshine. Also, the group of incredibly experienced divers provides plenty of stories to pass the time. There are videos and the experience of the Captain and crew to help you get excited about the diving…as if you need them. In addition, you may want to take this time to take one of our diving courses.

DAY 3-8: A Spent diving the pinnacles around the perimeter of Cocos Island. Divers usually average three dives per day at depths of 60-100 feet (18-30 meters) or more. This, of course, is what the whole trip is about. It will also be possible to do at least three-night dives during the trip.

DAY 9:   Make the last 3 dives before the cruise back to Costa Rica and reality!

DAY 10:  All day to discuss the diving and to compare your adventures!

DAY 11:  Arrival to Puntarenas. Immediately after breakfast, you will be transported back to San Jose. We strongly recommend staying one more night on land, before flying out, in case of any unforeseen delays.


While you are here in Costa Rica it is certainly worth the extra time to visit other aspects of the country that truly make it a natural wonderland. Very active volcanoes, white water rafting, mountain biking, some of the most pristine jungles in the world, coffee plantations, horseback riding, visits to craft centers, and of course, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are among the activities and destinations available in the country. We would be happy to arrange one day tours or longer trips to more remote areas at the client´s request. Recommended Costa Rican companies will operate these tours.

Last updated 13 October 2017. Please note that our availability changes often.
Please contact us directly for the latest status on trips.



Nov. 26 Dec. 6, 2017 / lower deck 10 days $4,645 per person
Sea Hunter Dec. 9-19, 2017 / Upper Deck Suite A 10 days $4,795 per person


Dec. 29 Jan. 8, 2017-2018 10 days $4,645 per person



03-13 Jan 2018 10 days $4,145 per person
08-18 Mar 2018 10 days $4,645 per person
21-31 Mar 2018 10 days $4,645 per person
03-13 Apr 2018 10 days $4,645 per person
16-26 Apr 2018 10 days $4,145 per person
29 Apr-10 May 2018 10 days $5,195 per person
20 Jun-01 Jul 2018 11 days $6,195 per person
04 Jul-14 Jul 2018 10 days $5,645 per person
04-14 Oct 2018 10 days $5,645 per person
28 Nov-08 Dec 2018 10 days $4,645 per person
11-21 Dec 2018 10 days $4,645 per person
23 Dec 2018-02 Jan 2019 10 days $4,645 per person


11-21 Jan 2018 10 days $5,295 per person
06-16 Feb 2018 10 days $5,295 per person
10-20 Apr 2018 10 days $6,295 per person
04-14 Jun 2018 10 days $6,295 per person
27 Jul-06 Aug 2018 10 days $6,295 per person
04-14 Sep 2018 10 days $6,295 per person
17-27 Sep 2018 10 days $6,295 per person
30 Sep-10 Oct 2018 10 days $6,295 per person
25 Nov-05 Dec 2018 10 days $5,295 per person
20-30 Dec 2018 10 days $5,295 per person

What is Included:

  • Ground transportation San Jose – Puntarenas and return
  • 11-day / 10-night cruise with all meals, including beer
  • Dive-master service; Seven full days of action-packed diving with three dives per day (includes: nitrox fills, tanks, and weights).

What is not Included: 

  • *Please note, on the Sea Hunter the upper deck suites have a higher price. Please contact us directly to check the price.
  • National Park Fee: Total $490. Please note This fee subject to change.
  • $70 per day, on a 10-night trip there are 7 diving days spent at the Cocos Island Marine Conservation Area.
  • *The DeepSee submersible is scheduled to be onboard certain trips throughout the year. The cost of DeepSea dives is additional. Please see the DeepSee section for further.
  • Due to the possible increase in the cost of oil, based on events in the past few years, the Undersea Hunter Group reserves the right to charge a US$200.00 per person Fuel Surcharge. This fee will be effective in the event that the diesel price published by Costa Rica’s state owned refinery, RECOPE, reaches US$3.80 per gallon (US$1.00 per liter). We will verify the fuel index table 75 days prior to the departure date and if it is necessary to collect a fuel surcharge then we will inform the participants of the trip. The surcharge will be collected onboard.




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